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Michigan's DC Brown, explains why Kwity Paye is #1 Freakiest Athlete in College Football

MIchigan DC Don Brown & DE Kwity Paye (courtesy of

Despite all of the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 College Football season due to Coronavirus concerns. Multiple big time conferences are continuing to gear up for the upcoming 10-game conference based season, but questions still remain on whether the season will be able to start after some college leagues decided to forgo the football season.

Michigan Wolverines Defensive End Kwity Paye; a Rhode Island native; is gearing up for his Senior season at Michigan. It is still unknown whether or not he will enter the 2021 NFL Draft. Recently Paye was named the number 1 freak athlete football player in the country. Huge accomplishment for a player coming from New England's smallest state.

Michigan's Defensive Coordinator Don Brown has nothing but great things to say about his star defensive end. In an exclusive interview with our very own Ron Robert, coach Brown has this to say: "He's the best spread run defender in America. All that spread stuff. Quarterback runs, all that nobody defends it better than Kwity Paye."

Robert asked Brown what makes Paye the best. Brown said: "he has a unique blend of athleticism, change of direction and football intelligence I have ever seen."

Robert asked Brown if Pay could've entered this years NFL Draft, he could've, but chose to stay put one more year. Brown said: "Yeah, but I think he did the right thing. This will give him an opportunity to be a first round pick, and you can't get that money back. If he had come out, it's hard to say where he would've been. But he definitely would've been drafted."

Tons of defensive players were taken within the first three rounds of this years draft. Which bodes well for Paye potentially if he does in fact decide to enter into the 2021 NFL Draft.

Robert asked Coach Brown if there was a play last season that showed him that Paye was the best, Brown stated: "There's a play in the Maryland game where they bring in the wildcat quarterback, so they are going to fake the inside zone right at him, and then the quarterback is going to keep. So he has to visualize the offensive tackle. The tackle goes down, he closes; he eyeballs the fake to the running back; and the quarterback takes off, he flat out chases him to the sideline for no gain." Brown thought to himself at the time: "how does it feel to be the quarterback and the guy 275 pounds is faster than you."

Brown continues to say: " He's just an all around great player. As good of a player, a better human being. A tremendous leader for his teammates. They have tremendous respect for this man."

Coach Brown recalls when they were recruiting Paye out of high school. "When we recruited him coming out of Bishop Hendrinen, he ranked 900 and something as a high school prospect and now he's the number one freakish athlete in the country. That just goes to show you about a guy who maximizes his ability."

Paye's high school football coach Keith Croft told Ron Robert "I am so happy to see the success Kwity is having. I am looking forward to seeing tremendous individual and team success for him next season. We are all enjoying a front trow seat to this unprecedented journey from Rhode Island."

Ron Robert; President of Operations for SFBN Rhode Island said: "I appreciate Coach Brown's willingness to always give me a piece of his valuable time to talk about Kwity."

Kwity Paye is about to enter his Senior Season as a Michigan Wolverine and wish him and his team luck to bring home a National Championship.

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