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NBA Will Have First Virtual Draft

New York- For the first time in NBA history, the NBA Draft will be virtual.

After the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title in the "Bubble" format in Orlando, the NBA commissioner Adam Silver had a decision to make about the NBA Draft. Would they allow fans in a limited capacity or announce the draft picks virtually to keep players, coaches, and fans safe from a potential spread of COVID-19? The NBA decided that they were going to announce the picks virtually.

Outside of the NBA virtual Draft, Silver has been going back and forth with nailing down a potential start to the 2020-2021 season. At first, Silver wanted to start the season before Christmas, but now it looks like the season may start a little after January. Silver wants to have fans in some type of capacity in the arenas, but the COVID-19 virus has not been contained. The amount of positive cases has surged and it looks like the United States are going into the second wave of COVID-19 Without any vaccines or decreased cases, it looks like the NBA may have to start without fans.

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