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NHL Star Evander Kane Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Image C/O: Getty Images

In a new report by The Athletic, San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy despite having earned at least $52 million in on-ice earnings. The story only began to get more bizarre when he said that he will sit out the season, not due to his financial issues, but out of concern for the health of his first born child. It was recently rumored that both the Sharks and Kane are being sued by Centennial Bank but it seems that Kane's personal troubles go deeper than that.

Evander Kane's bankruptcy filing includes: - $1.5m gambling losses in 2020 - 7 family dependents - 6 lawsuits including the one from Centennial Bank for $8.3m

- $1.2m credit line owed to Sure Sports

- $1.88m counterclaim against a woman in 2016 battery suit His liabilities (debt) are $26.8m and assets of three homes and other monies of $10.2m. The $52 million he has made during his career is only on-ice earnings which has been supplemented by sponsorships and other endorsement deals. Kane has been touting his athletic prowess to get a potential opportunity as a celebrity boxer in hopes to make a quick payday, despite the fact he is under contract by the Sharks for this season on a deal that would net him roughly $92k per month of the season. During his time that Kane played for the Winnipeg Jets, it was cited by former teammates that he would frequent casinos in the city whenever he wasn't playing or was out due to injury. This is a developing story... #nhl #sanjosesharks #winnipegjets #gambling #bankruptcy #boxing #evanderkane

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