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Pac-12 will be back in November

Seattle- The Pac-12 have reversed its stance on playing football this season, after seeing other conferences starting up their season.

The Pac 12 committee has stated that there will be football starting on November, 6, but it will feature only seven games that will be played this season. The championship game will be held December 18. Fans will be prohibited to attend any of the games.

Also, the Pac-12 has stated that winter sports will be starting as well. Practice for the winter sports will start when they get the okay from public health officials that are on the campuses. Players will get tested daily.

A lot of fans are upset that fans will not be in attendance, as well as the number of games that will be played. Some fans went out their way and stated that bringing the Pac-12 back did not make sense. With only seven games being played, how can anyone get excited about the decision that the Pac-12 is back.

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