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Packers Oren Burks gets recognized for his contributions in the community

Washington, D.C.- Green Bay Packers line backer Oren Burks has been recognize by the NFLPA for his contributions with helping homeless people out through his annual event.

Each year Burks will host his annual fundraiser Touchdowns of Hopes which raises money to help women and children who are homeless. “There are so many players around the league and in sport who maximize their platform to create change in the communities they care about,” Burks said. “I’m honored to be recognized among my peers as an example of what it looks like to shift the narrative of being more than an athlete.”

This year, the fundraiser raised over $1 million dollars, which Burks and his wife was grateful for. Burks have been out in his community helping others through the pandemic by giving them encouraging words, helping small business survive though hardships, and been very active with bringing awareness to social injustice.

Burks deserves the honor, because he lays it all on the line with trying to ensure that his legacy is remembered for the things he does in the community and not just on the field.

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