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Patriots Review: Flawless Win Makes 4 in 5 Weeks

The Patriots had a dominant victory yesterday as the defeated the Colts 26-3 in Gillette. This victory came in a much needed win to continue their momentum over the previous couple of weeks and against a team the Colts needed to make a statemkent against.

Well a statement they surely made.

C/O to

The Patriots defense had quite possibly their best game of the season against an admittedly injured and fleeting Colts' offense. The Colts had absolutely no reason being in this game. Third-string QB turned starter Sam Ehlinger led his team to a total of 43 team passing yards. He had 103 in the air, but after counting for his sack totals, which were 9 for 60 yards made for the worst performance for the talented Colt's O-line. Josh Uche and Matthew Judon both getting hat-tricks for sacks.


The defense was firing on all cylinders and even got a pick-6 in garbage time 4th quarter via Jonathan Jones. The Colts were without their running back Jonathan Taylor but even still only got 78 yards rushing on 22 attempts. Meaning the Colts had a toatl offense of 121 yards all game.

The offense did exactly what they had to do in this game, which was to not make any mistakes. They didn't need 400 yards of offense or have perfect pass pro, but they had 0 turnovers, 11 first downs and over 30 minutes of possession time. Mac Jones threw for 147 yards and a touchdown on 30 throws and Rhamondre Stevenson had 70 yards of offense including the offense's only touchdown on a 3-yard catch.

C/O to

For the third straight week the Patriots' special teams was perhaps the best in the NFL. This week they were once again responsible for 14 points on kicks but also set up an easy 3-yard touchdown with a blocked punt in the second quarter. For what it is worth the Colts also missed an easy 39-yard field goal so give credit to the FG block team for that.

This win was a morale booster but not one the Patriots will dwell on. It was great to go out there, impose their power and have some fun, but now that the team is hot and has kicked any assemblance of rust off themselves, it's time to look forward.

Next week is a rematch against the Jets but this time at home. After just beating them two weeks ago on the road, this game is even more important after the Jets win in Buffalo yesterday and doubly important when considering divisional implications. The Patriots are 1.5 games out of first place in the AFC East and the Jets are only half-a-game back to the team they just beat, meanwhile the Dolphins are within 1 as well.

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