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Predicting TB12 Age 45 Season

2 months ago millions and millions of NFL fans rejoiced as Tom Brady announced his retirement. All of a sudden every team in the NFL had new found hope and was gearing up for the 2022 season.


Yesterday Tom Brady pulled a 180 and announced he would return to Tampa Bay for another year and play his age 45 season.

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The Buccaneers got beat in the second round of the playoffs and with that sour defeat, put Brady in a place of stagnancy. After that defeat he would travel with his family for some offseason time off. His wife Giselle Bundchen, his sons John and Ben and their daughter Benjamin would travel from island to island as any millionaires would with their families. Some will say maybe it was too much time with his family, as just over two months after starting his retirement Brady has had enough and would rather return to work.

So the Buccaneers have their QB back and to make matters even better for the team, the teams in their division have no QBs. The Saints have no quarterback yet, the Panthers are attempting to trade for Deshaun Watson as are plenty of other teams and the Falcons haven't been a contender since Matt Ryan was on the other side of 35.

So it's safe to say Tom Brady and the Buccs will most likely win their division again this year. To predict their full season stats is a bit difficult as there's some wonder to the receivers Brady will come back to. Antonio Brown made his obnoxious exit from the team last year and Chris Godwin is an impending free agent. They still have a top-10 defense and with Brady will have a top-10 passing offense , so for a prediction we think the Buccaneers will go 12-5 with a 4-2 division record.

The Saints have beaten Brady in divisional battles 4-to-0 since Brady moved to Florida and if the Panthers acquire Deshaun Watson they will be real threats. Even if they do the Buccaneers have enough star power to be top-3 in their entire conference.

Without Godwin and Brown Brady' numbers will drop form his 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns from last season. With another 17 game season to look forward to, 4,500 yards and 38 touchdowns seems reasonable, with some help from star wideout Mike Evans who is surely [poised for his best season ever.

The Buccaneers may enter the playoffs in a top-3 seed but with Aaron Rodgers back on the Packers, The Dallas Cowboys gearing up for another run and the defending Super Bowl champion Rams attempting to repeat the Pewter and White will have their work cut out for them come January.

Their run will likely come to an end in the conference championship, against the Rams for a second year in a row. Brady is still one of the best throwers in the league and without doubt the best leader of men, but his team is not as strong as the 2020 championship roster they had and that will be exposed after a 24-week season of brutality and hard play.

Maybe he can get some more help in his age-46 season?

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