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Predicting the 2022 QB Carousel

Every offseason we seemingly have another class of UDFA Quarterbacks that will change NFL teams fortunes for the next 2-to-4 years. This year is no different. In this year's class we have future hall-of-famers, Super Bowl winners, former passing yards leaders and many more. In this article we're gonna do some educated gussing as to what Quarterbacks will find a new home, and where that home will be.

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Aaron Rodgers to the Broncos: The league's MVP for the last two years is set to shake up the offseason this year. It's been made clear that Rodgers wants out of Green Bay, but with no guarantee from his employer it's only speculative that he will land in a new home for the 2022-23 season.

The team that has made the most noise is the Denver Broncos, in part due to their new head coaching hire of Nathaniel Hackett, who has spent the last three seasons as Green Bay's offensive coordinator. This move seems to fit especially with Denver's history of winning with players like Peyton Manning. It seems farther-fetched but watch out for the Colts and the Commanders to make pushes for Rodgers as well as a handful of other teams that'd be lucky to attract the reigning MVP.

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Derek Carr stays on the Raiders: The Las Vegas Raiders' best quarterback of all time has already begun discussion with his team for a long-term extension. Recent reports have put the discussions in the $40 million a year range.

This move needs to happen for both sides. Carr won't get as much money on any other team and even though his talent might go further on a more competitive team, Carr is a true Raider. For the Raiders, Carr has been more than solid in his 8 years as the starter, and for a team that has undergone a lot of changes in the last year, Carr is a constant leader that will continue to keep this team together and successful.

Jameis Winston stays on the Saints: The man who threw 30 interceptions just two years ago, had a strong start to the season as the Saints QB before he tore his ACL in week 8.

However, his injury has been healing well and the 28-year old had a connection with that offense. The exit of Sean Payton as head coach and promotion of the team's defensive coordinator Dennis Allen to that position makes Winston returning for next year more likely. The fact that Winston will only be in the market for $5 million-ish makes this match very sweet.

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Jimmy Garoppolo to the Buccaneers: After staying healthy for most of the season and taking his team to another NFC Championship, the 49ers seem ready to give Trey Lance the reins for their future. Finding a trade for Garoppolo is likely with the season he just put together, but who will give up the most for him?

The weight of a trade with the Buccaneers has become heavier as of late. With Brady's exit, the Buccs are left with the best roster in the league and no QB. Garoppolo not only comes from the same system Brady did, which would make for a smooth transition, but wouldn't take much for the Buccaneers to get knowing the 49ers want to get rid of him anyway.

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Carson Wentz to the Commanders: The Indianapolis Colts just traded a first and third round pick for Wentz and seemed to have found their QB of the future. Wentz had a pretty good season, with one of the best QBR's in the league and was a great compliment to their league's 2nd best rushing attack. The talks around the league is that Wentz' locker room presence is the reason for the team to want to move on so quickly.

The negative light on his leadership ability will cost him when looking for a new starting job, but with teams like the Commanders looking for a veteran gunslinger he will still have a place in this league. It seems likely they don't even have to trade resources for him, as the Colts have said they will release Wentz if not traded by the March 16th deadline to accrue player's dead cap space for the new season.

Teddy Bridgewater to the Colts: Teddy Bridgewater had a modest season with the Broncos last year. The team is looking for a Super Bowl run especially with Aaron Rodgers seemingly joining them. So with Bridgewater set to hit the open market, he'll be the perfect candidate to "not crash the car" or mentor younger Quarterback.

The Colts are likely to draft a QB through this year's draft, but without a starter on their roster would love to bring a veteran presence to their team that is capable to start for an entire season and Bridgewater is a perfect fit.

Rookie QB's: The 2022 NFL Draft will start on April 28th and with another draft comes another QB class entering into the league. There are 4 to 6 QB's that seem to have what it takes to stay on an NFL roster and potentially start for one. Ole Miss' Matt Corral has taken the lead as QB1, with Liberty's Malik Willis, North Carolina's Sam Howell and Pittsburgh's Kenny Pickett rounding out the top-4. Late round picks such as Cincinnati's Desmond Ridder and Nevada's Carson Strong have a lot of talent and could turn into major draft steals if they fall to rounds 3 and 4.

There's always craziness that isn't expected in the NFL Draft, but when guessing which franchises are looking for a new ringleader. The Lions, Texans, Colts, Commanders and Saints are the teams most likely to draft a QB, with the Texans being the most likely to draft their top pick with the #3 overall pick. Some other candidates could be the Buccaneers, Steelers and Panthers.

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NFL offseason.


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