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Ron Robert’s Top 10 NFL 2020 MVP Candidates

With the 2020 NFL season getting ready to kick off with a Thursday night contest between the Chiefs and the Texans, I want to take a minute and throw out my top 10 NFL MVP


  1. Patrick Mahomes; If Mahomes can lead the power packed Kansas City Chiefs back to the promised land his MVP status should be a slam dunk. Odds +350

  2. Lamar Jackson; The returning NFL MVP has high expectations in his follow up season. Winning a back to back MVP is as hard as it comes(Manning 08-09, Favre 95-96) but the versatile Jackson could be the man for the job. Expect a strong playoff push to catapult Jackson into the fight for the crown. Odds +600

  3. Tom Brady; Looking re-energized and having one of the most electric offensive supporting casts in the NFL with names like Evans, Godwin, Gronkowski and McCoy, Brady could get the Bucs back to the winners circle and acquire his fourth NFL MVP. Brady could also become the only player to win the MVP in three different decades, but not without a week one victory, against Brees in the Superdome. Odds +1600

  4. Deshaun Watson; A dynamic WR quinella of Cobb, Cooks, Fuller and Stills sets the stage. A win in the NFL opener against Mahomes and taking the Texans deep in the playoffs is needed to see this through. After only three years in the league Watson is emerging as an elite quaterback. Odds +1400

  5. Drew Brees; NFL’s All-Time Leader in passing yards and touchdown passes has yet to acquire the NFL’s golden goose for individual performance. A week one victory versus the Bucs at home and an inspired playoff run will be needed to get his first MVP. Odds +1800

  6. Russel Wilson; being in the MVP hunt for most of 2019 and with DK, Lockett, Olsen and the rumors of adding Gordon or Brown, Wilson could get his fourth straight season being ranked top 3 in passing touchdowns in the league. Jimmy G and Kyler are going to give Wilson a run for his money in conference. Odds +800

  7. Dak Prescott; New head coach Mike McCarthy is a hungry QB’s dream. Dak didn’t get the contract he wanted and is playing under the franchise tag after 2019 being his statistically best season as a pro. When you talk about a talented roster the Dallas Cowboys are alway in the conversation, the NFC East should be the Cowboys for the taking. Dak will need everyone to contribute to a deep playoff run for an MVP nod. Odds +2000

  8. Kyler Murray; Murray is in an advantageous position with the acquisition of arguably the most underrated wide out in the league, DeAndre Hopkins, to double with an aging, but still effective Larry Fitzgerald. Murray also has the opportunity to take out two top ranked QB’s, Garoppolo And Wilson in conference. Odds +2500

  9. Jimmy Garoppolo; I see a unique opportunity for Jimmy G. Again, he is in Conference with 2 of my other picks. If he can get the lions share of the wins against Seattle and Arizona the Niners could be Looking at a deep playoff run, if not a return to the dance which would probably sure up an MVP Trophy for Belichick’s favorite QB. Odds +3300

  10. Christian McCaffrey; if his remarkable numbers weren’t enough to win the MVP in 2019 it’s hard to think he will surpass them in 2020. Also, the Panther’s could drop their 64-Million Dollar Back’s touches by 60-80 which could cut 400 yards and / or six touchdowns off the stat sheet. Carolina will have to make a deep playoff run on McCaffrey’s back for him to win the title. Odds +4000

Honorable Mentions; Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, Saquon Barkely, Derek Henry, Matt Ryan, Ezekielle Elliot.

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