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Sox-O's heading to Williamsport in 2022


As one of the many annual events baseball has created over the years such as London, most recently the Field of Dreams game that is now most likely to become an annual event, the Little League Classic gives kids the chance to get up close and personal to the their big league idols. Created back in 2017, playing at the site of the where the Little League World Series takes place yearly, the MLB found a way to bring the big league game there. Now, our beloved Boston Red Sox will travel to Williamsport, PA next season and will take on the Baltimore Orioles.

This Red Sox and Orioles were originally slated to play at Williamsport last season, but due to the entire pandemic last year that not only canceled the Little League World Series, but also limited the season to just 60 games, baseball scrapped the idea and shelved the two teams for another time. This year the game was played between the Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Angels a game that Cleveland won 3-0. Now Baltimore and Boston will once again get the opportunity to play at the site of the Little League World Series, something that players on both sides once did before.

This annual event was fist played in 2017 when the Pirates took on the Cardinals, as it was also the introduction of 'Players Weekend' where all 30 teams would wear special uniforms with nicknames that their fellow teammates and opponents call them. The game also featured the New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Chicago Cubs. In the first three season the league wanted to feature one of or both of the Pennsylvania teams in the classic, but will now feature any teams from any division. Makes it more fun for not only the kids but the big league players as well who could relieve some old memories.

This will be the first time the since 2019 that the Red Sox will feature in a special game The Red Sox took on the Yankees as part of the London Series, a series that baseball hopes to bring back across the pond next season.

Certainly that is a site that both teams can look forward to has next season will approach. However the Red Sox have some work left to do this season as they are fighting for their playoff lives as what has been a brutal month of August. While the Orioles are just trying to play out the string as they are team that doesn't appear to be poised to win a championship anytime soon.

Even though the 2021 Red Sox season is still going on while in the heat of a pennant race, this type of game is still something to look forward to for 2022. The game will deemed as a home game for the Baltimore Orioles just as it was originally slated to be in 2020.

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