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Thank You Vazquez!

Christian Vasquez was traded to the Houston Astros last night at the Trade Deadline while in the middle of batting practice ahead of their game against the Houston Astros.

C/O to

Vasquez has spent his entire 8-year career in Boston as the best catcher for the Red Sox since Jason Varitek in the early-2000's. He was hitting .282 with 42 RBI's through the season and was fielding tremendously behind the plate.

The 31-year old was traded for two prospects, 23-year old corner-fielder Wilyer Abreu and 23-year old second baseman Emmanuel Valdez who were both ranked in the Astros' top-20 prospects.

Vazquez was a career .262 hitter, with a career .994 fielding percentage. He is a World Series champion with the Sox and was part of the most remembered picture post game of the series as he embraced Chris Sale to celebrate.

Vazquez will no doubt go on to continue a hall-of-fame pushing career with the Astros and everyone in Boston will of course be happy to see it for a player that gave everything he had to the team. If only it was playing for any other team besides some cheaters.

Thank you Christian.

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