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The Jaguars continue to struggle with pulling out victories over opponents

Jacksonville- With another loss last week and the season on the brink, the Jaguars are trying to figure out how to pull out wins.

This season, the Jags have shown the ability to come back from huge deficits but have not put together any type of consistent wins together. Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew is on the hot seat and could be on the verge of getting benched if Jacksonville can not get a win in a couple of weeks. After their home opener, the Jaguars have lost five consecutive games.

Most of the time, the Jaguars are usually down, so they forget about their running attack. Last week, Minshew threw the ball 44 times in a loss to the Lions. The Jaguars have to go back and play fundamental ball. They need to find their balance with engaging in the run instead of being one dimensional with throwing the ball. Head coach Doug Marrone discussed in a virtual presser about improving and getting the spark that they need in order to pull out a victory.

“I just think we’re working on just keep communicating with the players: things they feel comfortable with, things that we think schematically can work well. I thought early in the year, we did do well offensively [on] opening drives and we’ve kind of stalled out on it, so we have to do something to make a play to get it sparked. I think that’s the whole key in any phase of what you want to do. I spoke about it with the team. We’re in this intensive protocol this week that changes some things up and I’ve told our players, ‘Hey, we need to embrace that.’ We need to obviously be changing things up and we’ve talked about being able to change things up so we can get out there and get a better start in the games.”

The Jags will face the Los Angeles Chargers this week and may have their hands full. The team is very much engaged and continues to have confidence that they can turn the season around. If the Jags do not win this game, it looks like the season will be over for Jacksonville and they will be fighting for upcoming draft picks.

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