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***Uncle Felix’s Take On...*** Kevin Hart’s Netflix Special “Zero F**ks Given”

Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given is a 2020 American stand-up comedy special by comedian Kevin Hart . According to Hart the special, which was shot in his living room, is going to be "like no other" having "zero filter" and making "zero apologies”. In reality it wasn’t edgy at all and followed along the lines of a typical Kevin Hart routine.

In full disclosure my opinion on Hart is that he is awesome in movie roles and decent in stand-up comedy. I’m really not sure why he tried to sell this show as something different, it works for him, in fact my wife and I enjoyed watching it as a lot of his material was very relatable to the over 40 crowd.

One of the things I love about Kevin Hart is that he talks about what he knows, his family and so he comes across as genuine and relatable. Throughout his 16-years of stand-up, we get to listen in on how he as a person has grown, how he has gone from the guy who was balling out at the clubs on a budget to the 40-year-old plus guy who would rather spend the night at home making brick-oven pizza for his friends.

We also get a glimpse of how his family has changed and grown over the years, I recall one of his first major stand-ups where he goes on about his daughter cussing him out in baby babble, today he talks about her being a teen who is boy crazy.... and there’s nothing wrong with that. It works for him and it works for me... I enjoy it.... but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not edgy and I’m gonna assume a lot of f**ks were given as he avoided the controversial topics that are all over the place today.

If you’re looking for a fun one hour comedy routine tune in to the Kevin Hart special, if your looking for edgy, tune in to Dave Chappelle.

~Uncle Felix

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