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Viral Football throw leads to Professional football for Ex-UMaine Softball Alyssa Derrick

via Alyssa Derrick (Instagram)

Alyssa Derrick, Maine Class of 2019 and a former Black Bears Softball player thought her throw of a football in the parking lot at her apartment complex was just an innocent stunt being filmed by friends and family. What she never imagined is that in 2020, where videos have the ability to go viral, it would land her a pro football contract.

Alyssa’s video of an estimated 60yrd. Hail Mary type throw caught the eyes of many a viewer in the internet etho-sphere, including that of the management from the Houston Stampede of the Women’s Football League Association. Yesterday, Derrick signed a letter of intent to play for the club.

The throw that got her here, well its now a part of Twitter lore for everyone to see. Check it out:

Via her Facebook and Twitter pages Alyssa announced “Absolute wild story but this one video has brought me the opportunity of a lifetime. Excited to announce that yesterday I signed my letter of intent to play in the WFLA. I am going to Houston Texas to play women’s professional football.”

SFBN Rhode Island had a moment to talk with Alyssa earlier today...

Q: So what made you do the throw?

A: So the throw was 4 years ago on Maine day. I saw a football and I just went for it. Hopped in like I normally do and threw it with everyone around. Had no idea people were video taping me.

Q: Do you know how Houston saw it?

A: It just blew up for some reason about 6 months ago out of nowhere, a future teammate at Houston ending up seeing it and shared it with the coaches. They had searched me on YouTube and social media to get in contact with me.

Q: How are you feeling about the reaction?

A: With announcing my signing I have received so much love and support and I love it. I'm so surprised by all of this happening. I still feel like I'm in a dream. I would have never expected to wake up and say that I am now going to play professional football in Houston, Texas.

The WFLA is a 32 team league featuring almost 2,000 professional women’s football players across the United States. They have established their brand through local media marketing and launched the noted Women’s Wednesday Night featuring most of their league games.

In Las Vegas, where the league held its 2019 Combine, the City Council resolved that October 19th is WFLA Day. The home of the casino world of the United States is also the home of the WFLA’s Las Vegas Devils.

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