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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

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1. San Francisco 49ers 4-0

Last Week #2

The 49ers may have let the Cardinals stay in the game longer than they wanted to, but there's no doubt San Fran has dominated every team they've played so far. Holding the #3 offense and defense makes them one of the best overall team in the league. With Christian McCaffrey back in MVP form and Brock Purdy making a case for a Top-5 Quarterback this year, it will take an amazing effort to knock them out of our #1 power ranking.

2. Buffalo Bills 3-1

Last Week #4

The Bills have outscored their opponents 123-33 since their hiccup in Week 1. Beating the Dolphins by a score of 48-20 after their historic 70 points last week is a true showing of their power. Josh Allen may not be Top-10 in MVP voting yet but the team has the #2 offense and #2 defense. If not for a Week 1 loss they may be atop our list but for now, focusing their attention to a win against Jacksonville should be their main focus.

3. Miami Dolphins 3-1

Last Week #1

From a 70-point win to being embarrassed in a divisional showcase, the Dolphins have had a hell of a week. Still they only find themselves falling two spots on our list. The Dolphins still are well and above the best offense in the league and shouldn't waste too much time dwelling on their loss. A home matchup against the Giants should be a great way to get back on track and showcase why they're still a Super Bowl contender.

4. Philadelphia Eagles 4-0

Last Week #3

The Eagles and 49ers are the only undefeated teams left in the league so why are they not at #2 on our list? Three of their four wins have come down to 6 points or less and while Jalen Hurts has been good this year, he hasn't yet reached his MVP form of last year. Still the Eagles haven't faced a bad team all year and have the #5 offense in the league. More dominant wins will help them climb the list, while more overtime wins against teams like the Commanders could possibly see them slip even more.

C/O to

5. Dallas Cowboys 3-1

Last Week #6

The Cowboys did lose to the Cardinals in their weakest performance of the year, but in their other three matchups have outscored their opponents 108-13. Home to the best defense in the league Dallas also has the best turnover differential with +9, only surrendering 1 interception so far. Their SNF matchup against the 49ers this week may be the game they need to make a case for rising on our list.

6. Detroit Lions 3-1

Last Week #8

Toughness, intelligence and grit. The Detroit Lions may be the easiest team to root for in the NFL this year. The Lions have the best run defense in the league and the 4th best defense in not allowing yards. A friendly matchup at home against the Panthers should only solidify them as a Top-10 team this week but a much needed boost on offense will need to be seen to do so. Controlling turnovers will be key as they sit at -2 right now.

C/O to

7. Seattle Seahawks 3-1

Last Week #10

The Seahawks are now on a 3-game winning streak outscoring their opponents by an average of 12 points. After a complete domination of the New York Giants on the road, the Seahawks are tied for the most sacks in the league after a ridiculous 11 this week alone. The Seahawks lone loss was Week 1 against a division rival Rams and they have not looked back since. Heading into their Bye Week before a Week 6 showdown against a lost Bengals team will keep the Seahawks in great spirits of things to come.

8. Kansas City Chiefs 3-1

Last Week #5

The Chiefs had their worst showing of the year against the Jets this week in a game that almost saw them fall to 2-2. Patrick Mahomes played poorly in quarters 2 through 4, with a stat line of 13-for-22 with 99 yards, 2 interceptions and a safety given up. A matchup against the Vikings may point to a shootout and a great chance to get them back in their rhythm. The Chiefs are notoriously slow starters over the last several years and have still gotten a 3-1 record to start. It is definitely time for them to play like the Chiefs again.

C/O to

9. Baltimore Ravens 3-1

Last Week #15

The Ravens are tied for the second highest climb on our list this week after an impressive performance in Cleveland. Unexpectedly the Ravens own the 3rd best defense in the league in points and yards allowed. Besides a Week 3 loss to the Colts, the Ravens have looked impressive in each of their 3 victories including multiple 14+-point wins. Lamar Jackson has looked terrific all year and with Odell Beckham finally getting healthy, the Ravens may be a team to be reckoned with moving forward.

10. Cleveland Browns 2-2

Last Week #7

Without Deshaun Watson this team fell apart against the Ravens. With Watson's shoulder injury not likely to hold him out for long, this team should get back to it's elite ways soon. Led by their outstanding defense that's #1 in the league in yards allowed and heading into their bye week, the Browns are in a great spot to get healthy and retool some things on offense before a Week 6 matchup against the 49ers.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1

Last Week #17

The Buccaneers were picked to finish bottom-3 by all experts and analysts this year and now sit at a 3-1 record heading into their bye week. The biggest reason for the lack of confidence was the team's QB change from Brady to Baker, but Mayfield has been proving everyone so far. A more critical look will show the Buccs have only beaten the Bears, Saints and Vikings while losing to the only good team in the Eagles. A magical start to the year may be followed by Tampa falling back down the ladder as predicted.

C/O to

12. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2

Last Week #9

Many people predicted this to be the year Mike Tomlin finally finishes under .500 for the first time in his 17-year career. The Pittsburgh defense has been as good as they always are this year but the offense led by Kenny Pickett has led to more questions than answers. Unfortunately, the Steelers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Texans that can be cause for an early-season fright.

13. Green Bay Packers 2-2

Last Week #12

Coming off a tough loss on Thursday Night Football, the Packers shouldn't feel the need to panic yet. Jordan Love has proven to be more than serviceable and their defense is borderline top-10. Something to look for is when they start facing off against good teams. A MNF showdown with the Raiders ensure that doesn't start for another week but you're looking at the easiest strength of schedule in the league here.

14. Los Angeles Rams 2-2

Last Week #18

The Rams offense is showing flashes of their 2018-record breaking unit. Rookie sensation Puka Nacua will be joined by returning Cooper Kupp this week to add even more fuel to the fire. Matt Stafford is tied for second-most interceptions so far and will need to be more precise if this team wants to reach it's potential this year. A home game against the Eagles this week will be a tough test for them this week

C/O to

15. Washington Commanders 2-2

Last Week #21

The Commanders had one of their best showings this week; so close to beating division rival Eagles in Financial Field but coming up short in overtime. Sam Howell had a great bounce back game and looks like he can be more than just the bridge-QB everyone had him pegged for. Their defense leaves a lot to be desired but a TNF matchup with the last place Bears may be just what they need to get that unit into rhythm.

(Author's Note: This is being written after being embarrassed by the Bears 40-20. Sam Howell continued to be impressive but their defense had a pitiful showing. Look for them to drop heavily next week.)

16. New Orleans Saints 2-2

Last Week #11

Here's some good news, Alvin Kamara looked pretty good in his season debut. Some bad news though, everyone else looked bad. Derek Carr had an inefficient day playing through his injury looking a little like Joe Burrow this season. The Saints need a surge on offense and soon, ranking 27th in points scored. Facing off against New England's daunting defense may expose some more holes this week, especially if Derek Carr isn't 100%.

17. Los Angeles Chargers 2-2

Last Week #20

Justin Herbert is making a case for MVP this year along with Keenan Allen's OPOY bid. The 5th best offense is getting Austin Ekeler back next week after their Week 5 bye and could truly send this offense over the top. The problem for the Chargers is the coaching, evident by all four of their games being held to one possession wins. Brandon Staley is on borrowed time right now and better start making the most of it.

18. Indianapolis Colts 2-2

Last Week #16

The Colts just got word that star running back Jonathan Taylor will be coming back to the team after contract negotiations held him out of the first four games of the year. With most people expecting an 0-4 record when he did, the Colts are in a good spot right now. An overtime loss to the Rams had the Colts down 23-0 in the second half, and also reassured that rookie QB Anthony Richardson is capable oif fireworks.

C/O to

19. Houston Texans 2-2

Last Week #27

Moving up 8 spots on our list after their second dominant victory in a row, the Houston Texans are on a roll. Rookie Quarterback C.J. Stroud is only the 6th player ever to average over 300 yards and no interceptions through the first four games of a season. Add to that they've only given up 23 points in their last two games and the team will have serious momentum for matchup in Atlanta this week.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-2

Last Week #23

A great showing in the NFL's first 'Toy Story' stream showed that this Jaguars team still has the ability to perform at last year's level. Their defense was the biggest improvement, recording 4 sacks and 3 turnovers and only allowing one score. Trevor Lawrence also came back with a great performance to hopefully put eariler performances behind him and can hopefully keep it up when they travel to Buffalo this week.

21. Arizona Cardinals 2-2

Last Week #19

I think someone in the Cardinals organization forgot to tell Josh Dobbs they were supposed to be tanking this year. Losing in San Francisco respectably isn't a bad loss especially when your QB goes for 313 and 2 scores. The Cardinals seem like they'll fall back to Earth at any time but they certainly don't see it that way heading into a home game against the Bengals this week. How long can they keep it up?

22. Atlanta Falcons 2-2

Last Week #14

The Falcons drop 8 spots this week after an embarrassing performance in London and after dropping 4 more spots the previous week. Long story-short, the Falcons are trending the wrong way. Desmond Ridder hasn't thrown for 250 yards yet in his career and now has as many touchdowns as interceptions. The Falcons defense has been holding on to the middle of the table, but if their offense doesn't do something to support Bijan Robinson soon, they could drop further down this list.

C/O to

23. New England Patriots 1-3

Last Week #13

It may be time for Patriots fans to start panicking; Mac Jones started the year on a high note and has progressively gotten worse. They should not however put all of their eggs in one basket as the Cowboys defense is on a historic pace this year and the Patriots happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bailey Zappe's late entrance to the game might stir up some controversy and possibly light a sorely needed fire under Mac Jones' behind.

24. New York Jets 1-3

Last Week #25

Zach Wilson had the game of his life in primetime and OUTDUELED Patrick Mahomes. Unfortunately for them the refs controversial 4th quarter performance sent them home with an L. The Jets defense has proven again that they will keep them in games and have been elite, but we can't put them any higher on this list with the 28th scoring offense so far this year. However, if Zach Wilson can play like this a few more times that may not be a problem for long.

C/O to

25. Minnesota Vikings 1-3

Last Week #24

The Vikings get out of the winless column thanks to the Cousins-Jefferson combo continuing to be the best in the league. Unfortunately it was against the ailing Panthers and can't move the Vikings too much higher on this list. We said it last week; don't count the Vikings out yet especially in the NFC North. A matchup with the Chiefs this week is sure to lead to a shootout which may be the Vikes best chance of putting another W on the schedule... but is pretty unlikely.

26. Tennessee Titans 2-2

Last Week #29

A great performance against the Bengals gives the Titans a misleading 2-2 record on the year. Ryan Tannehill posted his first game with a 90+ rating while Derrick Henry ran for 122 and a score. The Titans travel to Indy this week to face their division rival in a huge AFC South matchup and do so with momentum. The Titans have taken advantage of their matchups with sub-par teams so far this year as well.

C/O to

27. Cincinnati Bengals 1-3

Last Week #26

Joe Burrow posted his third game this season without a touchdown as the Bengals looked like an XFL team in their 27-3 loss in Tennessee. Ja'Marr Chase seems frustrated but is still "always open" so at least they have that going for them. HC Zac Taylor is sticking to his guns and not resting Burrow this week against Arizona. At some point he will need to as Burrow has clearly not been himself this year and at this rate the Bengals will have their first last-place finish in the AFC North since 2020.

28. Las Vegas Raiders 1-3

Last Week #28

Recent injuries have given this team even more woes as the Raiders fall to 1-3 after a 24-17 loss to the Chargers. It was probably a good thing Jimmy G missed this game as backup Aidan O'Connell had to feel the wrath of Khalil Mack in his 6-sack performance this week. Davante Adams also dealt with a shoulder injury that kept him out for the second quarter, but looking forward to their matchup with the Packers this week may give Adams and the Raiders the boost they need this week.

29. New York Giants 1-3

Last Week #22

That game against the Seahawks was painful to watch. We're not sure what Daniel Jones did to the Giants O-line but after giving up 11 sacks, their seems to be some problems that need to be solved. The last two weeks without Saquon Barkley has shown how dependent this team is on him. The Giants are being outscored 64-3 at home this season so at least their on the road this week... oh wait it's in Miami.

30. Denver Broncos 1-3

Last Week #30

Well Sean Payton finally gets his first win as a Bronco in their 24-point comeback in Chicago. Their defense still looks terrible letting Justin Fields go off for 28 points and almost 400 yards, but they showed some discipline and offensive firepower they previously lacked. Could this be a sign of good things to come or is this just a product of facing the worst team in the league?

31. Carolina Panthers 0-4

Last Week #31

One of the two winless teams in the league, the Panthers knew they were starting a rebuild when they traded for Bryce Young and the #1 pick in last year's draft. With reports of the Panthers trying to trade for a #1 receiver to help Young, it's clear this season is more about building up the rookie than putting together wins. Unfortunately for them the higher draft pick they "earn" will only benefit the Bears thanks to their trade up last season.

C/O to

32. Chicago Bears 0-4

Last Week #32

Giving up a 24-point comeback to the #30 team in the league is a great way to stay put as the worst team in the league. One good thing to take away is that Justin Fields played his best football of the season, it just happened to be against the worst defense in the league. The Bears can rejoice the fact they will face the Commanders, Vikings and Raiders over the next three weeks which should lead to a win or two.

(Author's Note: The Bears exploded this week with 40 points in a slaughtering of the Commanders on TNF. Piecing together their last two weeks' offensive catalyst shows that the Bears are getting better and will definitely be rising on next week's list.)

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