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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

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1. San Francisco 49ers (5-0) Last Week #1

Week 6 Matchup: @ Browns

The 49ers have proved they are the best team in the league Sunday night with a massacre of the Cowboys. The 9ers are tied for the best turnover difference at +7 and interceptions at 8. Meanwhile, Brock Purdy now has the best QB rating and TD-INT ratio in the league while their defense leads the league in points allowed. This team was built for a Super Bowl as long as Brock Purdy could maintain at least average play and now that he is on the MVP shortlist, this team will accept nothing less.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (5-0) Last Week #4

Week 6 Matchup: @ Jets

The Eagles look as good as they did during their Super Bowl run last year and have won 22 of their last 23 game including a loss in Super Bowl LVII. With a matchup looming against the Jets, the Eagles are likely to remain undefeated for another week. The second best rushing offense in the league, the Eagles seem destined to meet the 49ers in the NFC Championship for the second straight year.

3. Buffalo Bills (3-2) Last Week #2

Week 6 Matchup: vs Giants

Why have the Bills only fallen one spot on our list after a humiliating loss to the Jaguars in London? This may be stretching it but I have given the Bills a mulligan here because of the travel advantage for Jacksonville. The Jaguars had been in London for 10+ days and the Bills had been there for about 30 hours. These are still the same Bills that dominated the Dolphins, and with a home game against the Giants up next, watch for them to prove their a Top-3 team again.

4. Miami Dolphins (4-1) Last Week #3

Week 6 Matchup: vs Panthers

I was very close to putting the Dolphins above the Bills here but I couldn't simply because their win last week was against the Giants. The Dolphins may be the best offense in the league even after moving star rookie Devon Achane to IR, but they were still massacred by the Bills just 10 days ago. If they keep facing these cupcake teams like the Panthers this week, they may never get battle tested enough to win the big one.

5. Detroit Lions (4-1) Last Week #6

Week 6 Matchup: @ Buccaneers

The Detroit Lions end up taking the #5 spot on our list. If I were to tell you before the season started that the Lions would have the 4th highest scoring offense this far into the season you wouldn't have believed me, but they certainly do. Jared Goff has a 104.4 rating so far and has the Lions on a 3-game streak of scoring at least 30 points. The defense has been as good as advertised allowing less than 70 yards per game; in short, this team is a serious contender this year. Tbh, they kind of feel like a team that'll get bounced in the Wild Card round though, don't they?

6. Seattle Seahawks (3-1) Last Week #7

Week 6 Matchup: @ Bengals

When making this list, the placement of the Seahawks at #6 was the most shocking to me. In truth, they haven't given me any reason to put them lower. Historically, teams with BYE weeks this early don't fair as well in the later stages of the season, but this team hasn't shown any weaknesses so who knows? Geno Smith has been doing great with his plethora of options on offense and the defense just got 11 sacks on MNF. A matchup against the Bengals will be intriguing to see how both teams perform but for now, the Seahawks have deserved this slot with immaculate and smart football.

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7. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1) Last Week #8

Week 6 Matchup: vs Broncos

Well, how do we talk about the Chiefs season so far? First things first, there will be no mention of Travis Kelce's girlfriend on this page. Speaking of Kelce however, he may miss tonight's TNF showdown due to injury and we all remember how the Chiefs did Week 1 without Kelce. The Chiefs have won back-to-back nail biters against 1-win teams and a win is a win is a win, but at some point they need to show why they're the reigning champs. Another 1-win matchup on TNF is the perfect opportunity to dominate and attempt to re-enter the Top-5.

8. Dallas Cowboys (3-2) Last Week #5

Week 6 Matchup: @ Chargers

Winning 38-3 one week, then losing 42-10 the next has to be a roller coaster ride for the Cowboys. Still home to one of the best defenses in the league they don't need to panic yet. Dak played horribly against the 49ers in primetime throwing 3 picks, but the good news is the Cowboys are outscoring teams 108-13 in games Dak hasn't thrown one. An embarrassing loss on SNF hurts but this loss may be good for them going forward to take the better teams on their schedule more seriously.

9. Cleveland Browns (2-2) Last Week #10

Week 6 Matchup: vs 49ers

A great week to take a BYE, the Browns will have 2 weeks to prepare for the 49ers. Unfortunately for them, Quarterback Deshaun Watson may still be too injured to play, while P.J. Walker has been given the backup role in Cleveland. Without Watson the Browns don't seem to stand a chance, but their #1 defense in the league will still keep the game interesting.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) Last Week #12

Week 6 Matchup: Bye

Finishing our Top-10 is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another team being carried this year by their defense, the Steelers had a huge win against their rival Baltimore with T.J. Watt pulling away his season-best sack total of 8. Unfortunately, their offense hasn't been able to click yet this year ranking 29th in yards and 28th in points. Heading into their bye this week should help them work on some ways to get Najee Harris some production while also helping Kenny Pickett ret his injured shoulder.

11. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) Last Week #9

Week 6 Matchup: @ Titans

The Ravens lost a tough divisional game against the Steelers last week but I truly believe this is a Top-10 or even Top-7 roster in the league. Home to the #4 rushing offense in the league, and the #3 defense in points allowed this team looks very strong, especially with a healthy Lamar Jackson. When looking at them with a critical eye however, they have had one of the easiest schedules in the league so far. Beating the Texans Week 1and beating the Bengals and Browns in weeks both of their QBs were injured, they've lost to the Colts and Steelers. This team will need to start beating good teams if they want to make it back into the Top-10.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) Last Week #11

Week 6 Matchup: vs Lions

A matchup this week in Detroit will be huge for truly seeing where the Buccaneers stand. Starting 3-1 with Baker Mayfield and the highest dead cap in the league is crazy but somehow the Buccs have done it. Their defense has hung around the #10 spot so far this year and the team is tied for the best turnover defense in the league. A win this week will finally give them a marquee win that will force people to give them the credit they deserve, while a loss will send them plummeting down boards.

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13. New Orleans Saints (3-2) Last Week #16

Week 6 Matchup: @ Texans

A 34-0 drumming of the New England Patriots seems like it would land the Saints in Top-10 territory right? Well the Patriots may be a Bottom-5 team so the Saints only land at 13 but have a lot to be happy about. Derek Carr seems to have recovered form an AC joint sprain already while Alvin Kamara has come back on fire in the last two weeks. Is this team starting to trend upwards with a matchup against the Texans this week?

14. Los Angeles Rams (2-3) Last Week #14

Week 6 Matchup: vs Cardinals

Spots 14-to-20 on this list are "middling" but on this list I prefer to think of them as teams only one or two wins away from becoming real threats and of those teams, the Rams are the best. Cooper Kupp getting back to the field and catching 8-for-118 immediately means that this offense could truly be scary going forward, unfortunately for them it was against the Eagles and they came away with a loss. The Rams erased their misfortunes of last season quickly this year and may have a legitimate shot to break into Top-10 territory by the end of the season.

15. Los Angeles Chargers (2-2) Last Week #17

Week 6 Matchup: vs Cowboys

Another beneficiary of a well-timed BYE week, the Chargers had an extra week to prepare for the Cowboys. Justin Herbert will play this week even after fracturing a finger and will need to continue his form this week to win. More good news is Austin Ekeler will return as well in a much needed boost to this backfield. The Chargers are getting healthy right now and have always been a Top-10 offense when healthy, now it's time to prove that when the 'Boys come to town.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) Last Week #20

Week 6 Matchup: vs Colts

The Jaguars back-to-back wins in London cannot be overstated for this team. Trevor Lawrence looked amazing in both as well and with the team heading back home for a divisional clash with the Colts looming, the Jaguars are essentially playing a 3rd straight home game with all the momentum in the world right now. It should be noted that both London opponents (Falcons and Bills) looked visibly sluggish in their games. A win this week will go far to show the London advantage wasn't needed for the Jags.

17. Indianapolis Colts (3-2) Last Week #18

Week 6 Matchup: @ Jaguars

The Gardner Minshew era is in effect in Indy... for now. The Colts have had an up-and-down season so far especially with injuries to their rookie QB but have still managed to have a 3-2 record. Home to the 5th worst passing defense in the league, The Colts at least have one of the most dynamic backfields with the returning Jonathan Taylor and emerging Zack Moss. After losing Week 1 to the Jaguars at home, a win this week will catapult them to top of the AFC South.

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18. Green Bay Packers (2-3) Last Week #13

Week 6 Matchup: Bye

After Jordan Love's worst performance of the year, the Packers head into their BYE with multiple things to work on. Good news is this roster absolutely has the ability to be successful still. Definitely feeling the effects of Rodgers departure, the Packers may finally be understanding they need to put a priority on receiving threats. GIVE YOUR QB SOME HELP screamed every Packers fan over the last 5 years.

19. Atlanta Falcons (2-3) Last Week #22

Week 6 Matchup: vs Commanders

After a narrow win against the Texans last week, the Falcons have a lot to be positive about even with a 2-3 record. First of all, QB Desmond Ridder had his best game as a pro with 329 yards 1 passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. Stopping Houston's momentum is big for the Dirty Birds after their performance in London. Ridder getting into rhythm is exactly what this time will need to start stringing some wins together.

20. Houston Texans (2-3) Last Week #19

Week 6 Matchup: vs Saints

Even after a loss in Atlanta, the Falcons should still be very upbeat about the start of the season. C.J. Stroud is one of two QBs in the league to not throw a pick and has 0 fumbles in three straight games as well. The Texans are a legitimate middling team which is impressive considering their expectations of the year. Next weeks home game against the Saints is another winnable one for this team and maybe their ticket to the Top-16.

21. Washington Commanders (2-3) Last Week #15

Week 6 Matchup: @ Falcons

The Commanders need to forget about last week's 40-20 home loss to Chicago and just move on. This is a team that barely lost in overtime to the Eagles just a week prior. The weakness on this team is definitely the secondary who let up 230 yards and 3 touchdowns to DJ Moore. Sophomore QB Sam Howell has looked very promising at times including this game, unfortunately there aren't enough weapons around him. The Commanders were in talks of starting a rebuild within the next three years and something tells me it won't take that long.

22. Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) Last Week #27

Week 6 Matchup: vs Seahawks

Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase had their best games of the season last week and seem to be heating up at the right time. A win against the 1-4 Cardinals isn't up to par with their next couple games against Seattle, San Francisco and Buffalo but it's a good way to get started. The Bengals biggest priority now should be improving their run defense, which currently sits at 31st in the league with 154 yards against per game. The next three weeks for Burrow and co. will truly show where this team is at.

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23. New York Jets (2-3) Last Week #24

Week 6 Matchup: vs Eagles

Nathaniel Hackett got his revenge last week when the Jets beat the Broncos in Denver and scooped up the Jets second win of the season. Zach Wilson didn't throw a touchdown but still looked up to par with his recent performances. The star of the game goes to Breece Hall though who had 194 total yards and a touchdown. The Jets go to Philly next week for a huge test and they better be ready for it.

24. Las Vegas Raiders (2-3) Last Week #28

Week 6 Matchup: vs Patriots

With Jimmy G and Davante Adams not getting a full week of practice the Raiders still beat the Packers in primetime. This roster still has a lot to prove but this win was a great place to start especially with the lowly Patriots coming to town next. Maxx Crosby was in the backfield the ENTIRE game continuing his form for the season and proving he is one of the biggest reasons this team is competitive.

25. Minnesota Vikings (1-4) Last Week #25

Week 6 Matchup: @ Bears

A close matchup and good performance against the Chiefs was unfortunately overshadowed by Justin Jefferson being added to IR this week. This blow is crushing for the Vikings who COMPLETELY relied on him for offensive production. It's hard to be hopeful for them over the next couple weeks and with a divisional matchup against the promising Bears up next, these Vikings may be on the verge of falling off a cliff soon.

26. Arizona Cardinals (1-4) Last Week #21

Week 6 Matchup: @ Rams

The Cardinals may have fooled everyone with their Week 3 win against the Cowboys. In They're currently on their second 2-game skid of the season and just let Joe Burrow have his best game of the season. Josh Dobbs is still looking very good for them but they team around him has looked miserable as of late. If this team truly wants to be competitive this year the time to start is now before things really get carried away.

27. Tennessee Titans (2-3) Last Week #26

Week 6 Matchup: vs Ravens

The Titans have an average roster, good coaching and a pretty solid defense; problem is they are being led by a Quarterback who was out of his prime 5 years ago. They are still 2-3 and competitive in the AFC South, but after losing to the Gardner Minshew-led Colts it may be time for this team to get some reps in for Malik Willis or rookie Will Levis and get something out of this season.

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28. New England Patriots (1-4) Last Week #23

Week 6 Matchup: @ Raiders

The Patriots were almost placed lower on this list but the fact Bill Belichick is still the coach meant I couldn't. The Pats have been outscored 82-3 over the last two weeks including being shutout by the Saints in Gillette. Bill says it's time for this team to start over and maybe that will give them some much needed life. Fans have been clambering for Mac Jones "execution" and while he has been pretty terrible for a couple of weeks, there is much more than just the QB situation to work on in New England.

29. Chicago Bears (!-4) Last Week #32

Week 6 Matchup: vs Vikings

Don't look now but... the Bears may have found a rhythm. Justin Fields is averaging 400 all-purpose yards and 4 touchdowns over the last two weeks and DJ Moore has been unstoppable in that time albeit against very weak defenses. The Bears notched their first win of the season on TNF in Washington and now travel home to face off against the Jefferson-less Vikings in what could turn into a little winning streak to boost their confidence even more. The team is still very weak and needs a lot more work but they aren't the worst team anymore that's for sure.

30. New York Giants (1-4) Last Week #29

Week 6 Matchup: @ Bills

The Giants weren't embarrassed by the Dolphins last week and believe it or not, that's a positive this team will cling on to. With Saquon Barkley's return seeming immanent, this team can move on and try to be effective on offense again. Probably not this week though as they travel to Buffalo in what may turn to be another sack lunch for poor Daniel Jones. This team is capable of rattling off several wins this year, I'm just not sure when.

31. Denver Broncos (1-4) Last Week #30

Week 6 Matchup: @ Chiefs

The Broncos should have a 4-1 roster on paper but have instead fallen to 1-4 with their only win being a 24-point comeback against the Bears. This team is a wreck and reports have surfaced of a fire sale coming soon from Sean Payton. Things won't get any easier heading to Kansas City for TNF this week. The Broncos are poised for a several-year rebuild in their future and it looks like Sean Payton may not be the guy for that task.

32. Carolina Panthers (0-5) Last Week #31

Week 6 Matchup: @ Dolphins

Stay the course Panthers. Yes you are the only team without a win, Bryce Young hasn't given you much to be excited about and you gave up your 1st and 2nd round picks next year but you committed to a rebuild and need to see it through. This team is not terrible and I still believe will win 3-to-4 wins this year. Someone has to get our goose egg however and the Panthers are it. Once they win it's only right the Broncos will take their rightful place at this spot on our list.

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