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What Sports Mean to High School Athletes: LaSalle Academy

Playing high school sports are special and student athletes get to spend time with their best friends and play the sport that they love. They learn to play as a team and not as an individual. That is something that LaSalle Rams are all about.

I had the opportunity to talk to Navy Football commit OL Nick Lombardo. When asking him what high school sports mean to him, he said, “It’s meant the world to me since I started playing. The relationship you make are ones that you will treasure for your entire life. I’ve learned a lesson about life that you can only learn from sports.”

I also spoke with LSA QB Mike Grenier. When asking Mike what HS sports mean to him he replied with, “High school sports mean a lot to me. Especially playing under the lights on a Friday night. It brings people from around the school together. People you wouldn’t necessarily talk to in school come to support each other and it’s a bond that’s unbreakable except for during a pandemic.”

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