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What Would The Celtics Season Have Looked Like Without COVID-19?

The Celtics were rolling before the season was suspended indefinitely and now the team waits to see if they will get the chance to continue this great season in the near future.

As of right now, the Celtics are third in the Eastern Conference at 43-21 behind the Toronto Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks. They were looking like a team that could have definitely made a sneaky playoff run if given the chance because the team wasn’t getting enough hype this year like other teams such as the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has not shown any sign of the league potentially continuing the season even in say June or July. Teams are waiting anxiously for an official announcement. If the teams were even able to play 5-10 regular season games just to get back in their groove since they have been out for so long and then jump right into playoffs, I believe that could be managed.

This could really only work out though if the COVID-19 virus dwindles down and runs its course within the next couple of months. Even if it still had to be played without fans, the people would be very pleased and excited that the season was able to continue one way or another.

If they were to just jump right to the postseason and cancel the rest of the regular season games, then the Celtics would be matched up in the first round with the Philadelphia 76ers. This would be an epic first round battle as both of these teams always have good games together and it comes down to the wire often.

Although with the assumption that the C’s would be fully healthy by the time the season picks back up that they would handle the 76ers with ease and have no problems. A solid prediction would be the Celtics winning in five or six games then go on to play the winner of the Raptors and Nets series.

The Raptors were looking like the favorites in that series, it is believed they had Brooklyn’s number. This would make them the next round match-up for the Celtics. It is a much more difficult test for the Celtics because the Raptors are a very deep and well balanced team. They have taken the Celtic’s down multiple times this season. The Celtics trio of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kemba Walker could possibly mean the Celtics would beat them in seven and make it to the Eastern Conference finals.

Most analysts say Milwaukee makes it as the other Eastern Conference finals team because they were looking so dominant during the season. The Bucs looked unstoppable in the East. Milwaukee had the best all around team in the league.

The Celtics would most likely be predicted to fall in five games to the Bucks ending their season. This would be a huge accomplishment though considering the whole fallout with Kyrie Irving last season and losing Al Horford to the Sixers. This would prove critics wrong whom never really give the Celtics a fighting chance to get to the Eastern Conference Finals.

With the assumption that the NBA is still pushing to try and have a correct ending to the 2019-2020 season, I feel that this could be a potential realistic outcome for the Celtics if they were given the chance. Sports fans and teams in the league will just have to hope that things can go the way we want it to and we will get our wish of sports being back and better than ever.

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