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Will there be a Wilder and Fury Trilogy in 2020

Deontay Wilder lost his Championship belt against Tyson Fury at the start of this wild and uncertain year and was scheduled for a third match in July. However, the COVID-19 pandemic shut America down and put limitations with fans attending events. Promoters from both sides are trying to figure out when they can established the fight and if fans could attend the event safely. Frank Warren, who co-promotes Fury has stated that they will not fight behind closed doors or without fans.

"Not a fight of that magnitude," Warren told Good Morning Britain on the prospect of the trilogy being staged behind closed doors. "Wilder and Fury was the highest grossing [heavyweight] fight to ever take place in Vegas. We just can’t lose that gate. It’s a huge amount of money. We need the gate. Or we come up with a scenario where there is a huge site fee from a territory to take it, and we use it to promote their country.  We are looking at those situation

With unemployment at an all time high and the uncertainty of financial stability, a lot of fans of fans feel like this is not the right time to have the fight. You also have to throw in the fact that some people are tired of seeing the same fight and basically the same outcome. In the last two fights between the two, Fury dominated both fights. Wilder was lucky in the first fight after he stunned Fury with a devastating right hand that dropped him in the 12th round. Wilders' knowdown did just enough for judges to call it a tie. In the second fight, Fury dominated Wilder and won with a TKO as Wilders' camp threw in the towel. Will more fans want to see another match between the two or a match with British boxer Anthony Joshua will be the telling tale. As of right now, nothing is set in stone for the trilogy, so it will be interesting to see what will be the next move for these boxers.

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