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Woonsocket Standout Logan Coles Has A Wide Range of Choices for His College Career

After a season was taken away this past spring due to COVID-19, many student athletes in Rhode Island are filled with uncertainty about high school athletics and their potential future in college.

Luckily, for Logan Coles of Woonsocket High School’s Class of 2021, there is still the hope for one last year in maroon and white.

Coles, an athlete his entire life, began his football career at the age of 7 and has continuously grown into a star in his community. During his freshman year of high school, Logan was an All American and this past year in 2019, he was awarded the Division II Super Bowl MVP. From these accomplishments, one would think he is planning for a college career in football but wait just a moment!

In an effort to keep up and stay in shape for his move to varsity his freshman year, Coles took the advice of his coach, Marc Piette, and decided to join the indoor track team. He recalls Coach Piette telling him he could be “the freshman State champion”, but Coles had no clue that his coach’s prediction would be the beginning of where he would go in the future.

In the hammer throw, the Villa Novan is an 11x All American and a 2x National Champion. He also is a 1x Hammer State Champ and a 2x New England Champion. To be sure, Logan Coles is an exceptional athlete.

Football and Track and Field are two things that are very close to Coles’ heart, but there comes a time where there must be a choice of one or the other. “I just want to make the smartest decision for my future” was his response when asked why he is pursuing track and field over football, and that “the opportunities for throwing have become so overwhelming”, with scholarship offers from the University of South Carolina, University of Kentucky, and most recently, the University of Alabama, all large, widely known Division I schools.

No decisions have been made for Logan just yet, so his future home is still unknown. Although COVID-19 cut the indoor season short and completely cancelled the track season outdoors, the rising senior has still been able to get out and throw on his own. The pandemic has affected his chances to have college visits because of the dead period until August 31st, so his meetings with coaches are primarily virtual.

These offers are recently coming in, so it is highly expected that he will receive more as the year plays out, and he will continue to perform at a high level and ultimately make his Town of Woonsocket and the State of Rhode Island very proud.

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