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BREAKING: Cleveland to drop "Indians" nickname. Next steps unclear

After 105 years as a franchise, the Cleveland Indians are dropping their nickname after following years of protests from fans and Native American Groups. In 2018 the team was bringing the process of phasing out their signature "Chief Wahoo" logos and imagery, which did appease many but still pushed for the team name to be dropped as well.

When it was announced that Washington were drooping their nickname, the Indians began the process of reviewing their own team name but wouldn't drop the nickname until a new one was picked. Cleveland had planned to continue using the current nickname on their jerseys for the 2021 season and then switching to a new team name all together.

According to the New York post; Cleveland is currently planning on using the name Indians for the 2021 season and then dump the name after the season. Cleveland could also take the same route that NFL Washington did and go by a generic name until a new nickname is announced.

There has been mounting pressure on other professional sports teams to change their name since Washington dropped theirs. The Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Blackhawks have all said that they have zero intentions on changing their despite the massive outcry for the teams to change their nicknames.

High schools around the country have been following suit by dropping anything that resembles Native American imagery or particular names.

Now that Cleveland becomes the second professional sports teams to change their name in the last six months, could more pressure be put on the Braves, Chiefs and Blackhawks to do the same? While that pressure will be there and most likely ramp up even more now, don't expect either of the three franchises to follow suit any time soon.

As we all have been patiently waiting to see what the Washington Football Team will call themselves, we can now add Cleveland to that list.If your Cleveland you would want to have a new name in place for 2022. Still remains unclear if they will be referred to as "Baseball Team" or "Indians" for 2021.

Not sure if Washington would be in such a hurry to find a new identity as they currently lead the NFC East with a 6-7 mark with three weeks to go in the NFL season, but they might want to find one regardless. Cleveland on the other hand may want to have a decision made prior to the 2021 season to give them a chance to come up with a name and imagery for the club while they either use a generic name or current name.

Cleveland does have options to them and should make a decision about who or what they will be referred to as soon. It all depends on if they decide to take the route that Washington took or if they will continue to use their current name for one more season.

More on this story once updates become available.

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