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Dodgers get the win that they needed to extend the series

Los Angeles- With their backs against the wall. the Dodgers offense comes up big to get the 7-3 victory over the Braves to extend the series.

The Dodgers once again proved that they have a high power offense and at any given moment, they could get hits anytime that they wanted. In the six and seventh inning the Dodgers combined for six scores and escape with another victory. It seems like the Dodgers play better when they have their backs to the wall. On the defensive end, Mookie Betts saved a potential two score run when he made an acrobatic catch and threw the ball on the dime to home plate. The call was safe, but was overturn after a review of a Braves player leaving the base early to head home.

Collectively the Dodgers did a better job with pitching.They held the Braves to three runs. In Game 6, they have to keep their foot on the gas and take risks. It seems like the more familiar they are with the Braves pitchers, the easier the offense becomes for the Dodgers. it should be an intense Game 6.

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