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Football Is Back!

Okay so maybe the football season we all know and love isn't totally back yet... but at least we have Jaguars @ Raiders right? Well actually you can expect a ton of starters from both teams not make it out to the field for the big game tonight including Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence.

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However we can rejoice in the fact the 20-week wait is finally over and we will see football on our televisions tonight! The game won't matter to the 2022 season at all barring any freak injuries but it will matter to the morale of all of the fans that have had something missing in their lives since the winter time.

The first regular season game won't be until September 8th when the reigning champion Rams welcome the Buffalo Bills to Los Angeles and a promising barnburner to start off the real season. But for the next three weeks we can still look forward to something even if it is a half-paced game with benchwarmers.

It feels good to be back!

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