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Houston Astros hang on to win Game 5, 4-3

Houston- The Houston Astros strike gold in the ninth inning to extend the series against the Tampa Bay Rays, 4-3.

In the bottom of the ninth with a tied game, the Astros needed a miracle to keep their season alive. Their miracle came at the right time when Carlos Correa smashed a homer out of the park for the go ahead score. Correa took advice from one of his teammates before the game started about his hitting and it gave him confidence to save the Astros' season.

"Anderson is a great pitcher and I don't mean no disrespect when I call my shot," Correa said. "It's just that after my second at-bat, I went in the cage. [Hitting coach Alex] Cintron called me and told me a couple of things that made my swing feel great."

Correa not only saved his team's season, but broke history with becoming the third player in MLB history to hit two game winning homers. The Astros' offense is coming alive after taking a beaten in Game 1 and Game 2. They are hitting with confidence and taking everything that the Rays are giving them.

It is still do or die time for the Astros and it will be interesting to see if they could extend the series to seven.

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