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Jason Wright wants to change the culture in Washington

Washington D.C.- Newly Washington Football president Jason Wright wants to change old habits within the organization and move forward in a positive light.

Before Wright was hired, the Washington Football team had to change its name, due to the insensitive history of Native Americans, fired staff because of sexual harassment claims, and now battles 15 women who came forward and said that they were sexually harassed and used. Washington wants to turn over a new leaf and bridge together love and unity. Hiring the first African American President, as well as a Latino coach with Ron Rivera running the show, shows that Washington wants to change.

Wright had this to say about changes and improvements he wants to change in the organization. "It's a little bit of the management and leadership approach that I bring to the business," Wright says. "No. 1 is surround yourself with really smart people. My collaborators at my former firm are some of the most brilliant minds on topics of equity and inclusion and inclusive growth in the world. Surrounding myself with those people and getting the right team in place is absolutely the most fundamental piece. 

"Secondarily it's to take a data-driven approach. You notice in those reports there is a whole lot of data and numbers. It's important when even something that feels squishy or soft or philosophical like racial inequality, it can be dimensionalized. The same way that culture like the Washington Football Team can be dimensionalized. And that gives you a feel for the way I want to approach these things. We tend to pay attention to the things we measure. So it's important to measure the things that are most important. That is the thread that you see through my prior research, and it's a thread that you'll see through the way that we approach the culture at the Washington Football Team."

With the upcoming season, it will be pretty interesting to see how the Football team will get back to its winning ways on and off the field.

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