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MMA Complete Podcast End of Year Superlatives

On December 23rd, the MMA Complete Podcast will host their 2nd annual Superlatives show on their podcast, Thursday @ 7:00.

The hosts of MMA Complete Podcast will go over their picks for:

* Fight of the Year

* KO of the Year

* Sub of the Year

* Fighter of the Year

* Coach of the Year

*Weight Class of the Year

The hosts of MMA Complete are also hosting their own "Divisional Re-Seeding" special the next week, Thursday December 30th for their final show of the year. The boys have been working on their own rankings for every UFC division for weeks, and to follow up their re-seeding episode in October, will promote their End-of-Year rankings on this episode.

Check out their Twitter, @complete_mma,

Check out for more sports media content.


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