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RIIL Football returns! Oakers defeat Falcons in Injury Fund game.

Image Copyright: Fans Only Sportz Network

The 2021 RIIL Football Season kicked off last night with the return of the Injury Fund Game, done in a bit of a different format than in years past. The Cranston West Falcons played host to the Coventry Oakers for a full game, that played out like a final scrimmage. The score and win by the Oakers doesn't count to the record for the season and it showed during the 2nd half of the game as both sides played a considerable number of subs, including a chance for many Freshman and Sophomores for the Falcons getting a chance to taste Varsity time before they settle in to their Froshmore Team season. The Falcons starting defensive unit looked strong as they held the Oakers first unit offense to a 3-and-out on the first series and despite giving up a 1st down during the 2nd series, forced a turnover on downs after stuffing the run on a 4th down play. Cranston West jumped out to the early lead putting one home from a play-action play between Matt DeFusco and Brayden Stetson to go up 7-0 after the Madison Alves extra point. The two sides then got into a bit of a shoot-out as they traded scores before halftime buzzer sounded and the Oakers following a score from Cam Vessey found themselves out in front 20-13 at the break. The 2nd half became the Max Letourneau show for the Oakers offense as he stayed in to give a little extra to the 2nd team offense that came in to gain playing experience. Against the Falcons younger defensive unit, the sophomore fullback was able to show why he is a varsity level player, carving up for two more touchdowns as the Oakers closed off the game with a 34-19 final score. The Oakers will be back in Cranston on Friday as they take on the Cranston East Thunderbolts at 7:00pm from Cranston Stadium.

The Falcons will be back in The Nest on Friday to take on the West Warwick Wizards at 7:00pm and you can catch all the action from that game on Fans Only Sportz Network.

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