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Tom Brady, Forever a Patriot

After an unbelievable career in New England for the past 20 seasons, Tom Brady finally decides its time for a change of scenery.

Brady will be taking his talents to Tampa Bay. Surprisingly to most people, he will suit up as a Buccaneer next season and not a Patriot.

During his tenure in New England, Brady was a six time Super Bowl champion, a four time Super Bowl MVP, a three time MVP of the league, and was a 14 time Pro Bowl selection. Brady arguably invented the Patriot way and was the face of this dynasty for years and without him this dominance would have never happened the way it did.

For some time now, especially the past few weeks, many sports insiders and analysts had somewhat of a hunch that Brady was not going to finish his legendary career in New England. There were definitely people at the same time though saying that it is all just rumors and speculation and that there is no way we do not see him suit up for New England next season.

Well now it is official and so are the broken hearts of every New England fan. Ultimately, Brady wanted to get paid after years and years of taking pay cuts for the benefit of the team, he knew it was time to finally get his. Rightfully so he has very much earned a hefty contract that will write of his career the correct way.

Part of the reason also was the fact that he really did just want a change of scenery and he felt that the Patriots just were not the fit for him anymore. Stephen A. Smith reported on First Take yesterday that Tom Brady went to Robert Kraft’s house the night before he announced his decision and basically walked it through with him why he did not want to play in New England next season.

There is also speculation that coach Bellicheck and Brady did not have the best relationship off the field and that that was a factor that played into the failed negotiations.

Tom Brady should feel no shame leaving New England though. He does not owe that area a thing because he is the reason they were as dominant as they were the past 20 years.

Many players came and went, but Brady stuck it out always and no matter who his arsenal was, people knew that he would still perform at the highest level and lead his team to the promise land. He proved this six times and now has the most super bowl victories ever by an individual player, labeling him as the undisputed goat.

New England fans should be nothing but thankful for everything Tom Brady brought to the great area of New England. Whether it was truly just for pride or for money or even if it was because of a riff between himself and Bellichek, the fans cannot be mad and will have to deal with this loss the right way with reminiscence.

It is better to remember the good times with Brady rather than mourn that he will most likely never where the red, white, and blue again in his career. He will forever be remembered as a Patriot.

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